2011 Agenda – Commit!Forum, NYSE & Javits Center, New York

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HSUSThe Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization, with more than 11 million supporters, or roughly one in every 28 Americans. The organization is consistently ranked among the most respected and fiscally-responsible charities in the country. The HSUS is perhaps most well-known for its work to protect America’s pet population: it provides direct care for more animals than any other U.S. organization, operates a network of spay and neuter clinics, and works extensively with federal and local law enforcement to rescue animals from disaster situations and from illegal fighting rings. The organization also works to curb “industrial” forms of animal cruelty, such as in the agribusiness sector. Through cooperative partnerships with major restaurant chains, supermarkets, food manufacturers and foodservice companies, The HSUS has generated a groundswell of support for more humane farming conditions and helped shepherd in new, and better, methods of raising animals. The HSUS helps companies thrive in today’s socially-conscious market by identifying methods for fitting humane initiatives into existing business models and ways for companies to capitalize on consumers’ growing concerns about where their food comes from.


Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a global leader in partnering with innovative companies to improve environmental and business performance. We have a 20-year track record helping many of the world’s leading corporations – including McDonald’s, FedEx, Walmart and KKR –to unleash environmental innovation while demonstrating that good environmental strategy is good business strategy.

We have deep expertise in business, science and public policy and are backed by over 700,000 members. Since our inception, we have worked to harness market incentives to advance environmental goals, and our precedent-setting corporate partnerships have provided compelling examples of how environmental innovation can create meaningful business value.

EDF does not accept any funding from corporate partners, nor are we a ‘fund’ that invests in companies. Instead we invest our time and resources to develop new innovations and best practices that improve business and environmental performance. Our goal is to influence entire industries and send a strong signal about the potential and profitability of environmental sustainability.

One way we attempt to accelerate environmental innovation is through our EDF Climate Corps program, in which we train top-tier MBA students and place them in leading corporations to develop practical, actionable energy efficiency plans.

For more information visit http://edfbusiness.org

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